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Module Vender


"Module Vender Concept", world premiered at The 8th International China Vending Show, is KUBOTA's interpretation for enabling new business solution from innovative versatile construction.

Combination of one control module per two vend modules will not only save investment for expensive money handling units, but also create new operation method by separated cash and stock management. Vend units of various size and function can be replaced and interchangeable to best suit the customer needs. More over, control module could be tailored to provide its own service alone, as such as ticketing machine, change machine, information kiosk, etc.

Please be patient to see this ultimate versatile vender in the market soon.

Glass-Front Module

This dispenser, designed for indoor use only, has a clear front that allows customers to see the actual product before purchase. In addition to cans and PET bottles, it is possible to vend a wide variety of items such as paper packets and desserts by using a bucket-style dispensing system.

Serpentine Rack Module

This dispensing module uses sepentine racks for enhanced can and PET bottle capacity. The racks take PET bottles of up to 600 ml, equipped with adjust-less mechanism, and prevent products from standing on end. The proprietary technologies proudly offered by KUBOTA form a solid and dependable base for any vending machine business.

Control Module

Completely separating the cash handling and product dispensing sections into independent components gives the operator more freedom. In addition, digital signage and card reader units are among the features that maximize effective use of the interior space. This product makes for new possibilities in business models.

Multi-Rack Module

The multi-rack dispenser facilitates range of items, from beverages and confectionary, to toys and stationery. Combined with other dispensers, our multi-rack module contributes to creating venidng machine corners that have pulling power, and increasing sales.