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KUBOTA Worldwide


Since commencing its pump business in 1952, KUBOTA has worked on developing and manufacturing pumps for water supply, sewerage, rainwater drainage, power generation and steel production. Meanwhile, KUBOTA has also built pump plants by taking advantage of its general engineering capabilities. KUBOTA has developed its business not only inside, but also outside Japan including Southeast Asia, and Middle/Near East. In Southeast Asia, it is fully utilizing its production centers in China to provide products stably amid rapidly growing demand for infrastructure. Meanwhile, in Middle/Near East, KUBOTA offers a whole range of pumps for seawater desalination and sewerage plants, from seawater intake pumps to long-distance water transfer pumps and high-pressure pumps for reverse osmosis (RO). Hereafter, it is KUBOTA's intention to work on the enhancement of its after-sales services such as maintenance of pumps in addition to the provision of products.

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