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Sewage Treatment Plant (Johkasou)

Wastewater treatment tanks (Johkasou), which can be set up in areas where sewerage infrastructure is yet to be improved, help treat household and industrial wastewater and conserve the water environment. KUBOTA offers a broad range of products, including its proprietary membrane separation systems capable of advanced and stable treatment and compact fluidized bed systems to meet required treatment levels, applications and purposes.
Johkasou tanks uniquely developed in Japan are now used worldwide. There are many regions in Asia where sewage treatment infrastructure is not yet in place; this has led to pollution of rivers and other water sources due to untreated wastewater. As part of its wastewater treatment plant business, KUBOTA has promoted sales of Johkasou tanks package solutions that represent KUBOTA's advanced water treatment expertise built into a series of sewage treatment processes. Johkasou tanks can be built in a short space of time and deliver excellent water treatment performance, bringing highly effective solutions to factories, hospitals and housing development areas in sparsely populated regions in particular. In addition to already increasing orders for large wastewater treatment tanks (Johkasou) from Vietnam, KUBOTA is promoting these tanks in other countries and regions of Southeast Asia, including China and Myanmar.

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