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Ductile Iron Pipes

Ductile iron pipes are key components in water supply infrastructure, thanks to their excellent strength, durability and corrosion resistance. KUBOTA makes full use of its proprietary casting technologies, rooted in more than a century of experience, in offering an extensive lineup of products: ductile iron pipes of diverse nominal diameters (DN80–DN2,600) , highly functional joints such as earthquake resistant joints and restrained joints. KUBOTA began exporting early on to contribute to stable supplies of water outside Japan. Thus far, it has exported iron pipes to more than 70 countries in the world. In the Middle/Near East, a major destination of world longest nine-meter pipes, KUBOTA products are appreciated for their quality and workability. In the rapidly growing Southeast Asia, Kubota is contributing to the improvement of infrastructure through ODA projects. Also, by taking full advantage of the experience and expertise Kubota has acquired in Japan, it actively works on not only supply of pipes but also the design of pipelines. Kubota will keep contributing to more reliable and efficient water supply infrastructure.

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