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Weighing & Measuring Control Systems

Kubota has continued leading the weighing equipment and measuring system industry ever since it began manufacturing mechanical platform scales in 1924. Kubota became the first company in Japan to use digital load cells (D-LC) designed to ensure high levels of precision, stability and noise resistance. Indeed, Kubota's history represents the history of scales in modern Japan; the company's products are highly recognized both at home and abroad. In recent years, Kubota has expanded its business from scales to sensors and systems. Its high-performance weighing and measuring equipment has been developed by taking full advantage of core technologies in load cells (load sensors) and other sensor and digital technologies. The Kubota product lineup includes gravimetric constant feeders, liquid filling devices, digital platform scales and particle contamination sorters. Kubota is committed to offering high-precision measurement systems designed for various processes from production and quality control to shipping.