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Kubota manufactures and sells various materials for different applications in addition to cast metal products, its original and core business.
Kubota's products include cracking coils for pyrolytic furnaces used in the production of ethylene, the primary material for manufacturing plastics, and reformer tubes for hydrogen production at oil refineries and ammonia (fertilizer) production plants. Currently, there is a growing demand for cracking coils, which are manufactured in Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia and China for distribution all over the world. Kubota contributes to society with a wide variety of products that ranges from steel-related products such as super heat-resistant alloys and rolling-mill rolls, to nonferrous metal products such as suction roll shells for the paper industry. Furthermore, it has also put into practical use cutting-edge materials such as TXAX (potassium titanate fiber used as automobile brake pad material), ceramics and other composite materials. Kubota remains committed to developing materials of ever-higher added value that meet the diverse and increasingly complex needs of society.