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KUBOTA Worldwide


Since Kubota first launched made-in-Japan farm tractors in 1960, Kubota tractors have always held the market lead. Today, Kubota offers a full slate of products for diverse farming scales and applications. Large tractors increase the efficiency and accuracy of work for large-scale farmers; small tractors save labor for small-scale farmers and revitalize local agriculture; implements are designed to be mounted for plowing, harrowing and other tasks. Kubota's high levels of performance and reliability have helped the Company establish a strong reputation in four regions: North America, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries. In the US particularly, Kubota is widely known as a top-notch brand, Kubota products being increasingly used in applications beyond agriculture. While mowing and gardening tractors are popular, Kubota is also highly recognized in the field of small-scale civil engineering work. Meanwhile, unit sales have been increasing in Asian countries, as Kubota's policy of carefully listening to local needs has been well accepted. Kubota will continue to progress.

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