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Construction Machinery

Kubota's construction machinery, including mini excavators, wheel loaders and compact track loaders, is highly esteemed in Europe, North America, Japan, and other Asian countries. Kubota mini excavators in particular, which meet European safety standards-considered the most rigorous in the world-are renowned for their amenities and advanced features, winning the largest market share in the world.
Source: Off-Highway Research 2013
In 1989, Kubota established a company in Germany to manufacture and sell products that better meet local needs throughout Europe. In 2011, Kubota established a company to manufacture small construction machinery in China, where demand for construction machinery has been growing in the booming economy. This company will manufacture products for export to emerging countries in Asia. With three manufacturing companies in Japan, Germany and China, Kubota is working to build an optimal global production framework that can swiftly respond to changes in demand.

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