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KUBOTA Worldwide

Combine & Rice Transplanter

In Japan, KUBOTA's combine harvesters and rice transplanters have helped mechanize rice transplantation and harvesting, the most labor-intensive processes in rice farming, thereby reducing labor and increasing efficiency. With rice farming in Asia rapidly mechanizing, KUBOTA is applying rice farming machinery technologies it has refined in Japan to develop solutions for markets outside Japan. In 1998, to better design products that reflect local needs, KUBOTA set up a company for manufacturing combine harvesters and rice transplanters in China. In 2007, the Company launched sales of conventional-type combine harvesters in Thailand, the largest market in the region; sales have been growing steadily. In 2010, KUBOTA started production in Thailand to establish a supply framework that can meet future sales increases resulting from market expansion in Thailand, as well as future sales growth in the ASEAN countries and India. By such steps KUBOTA actively develops its business, so as to establish the KUBOTA brand in the Asian market.

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