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KUBOTA Worldwide


For the engines of high output, compact and lightweight, Kubota engine has gained a high level of trust in the global market. To meet the needs required for a wide variety of industrial engines, we have made the spotless output assortment of up to 85.0kW, running on various fuels as such diesel and gasoline · LPG · Natural gas on the same platform.
The greatest advantage of Kubota engine is the technology to respond to environmental requirements and application engineering. Since receiving the CARB certification of emission regulations (California Air Resources Board, USA) for the first time in the world as small industrial engines in 1993, we have always conformed to strict emission controls from around the world as a pioneer of environmental technology. With a history of more than 90 years of Kubota engine, we have gained vast experience and know-how to optimise an engine with respect to the characteristics of all equipment and create, along with the customer, engine specifications that match the equipment to which the engine will be mounted.
Furthermore, we are expanding our production activities to optimal locations to supply engines to global equipment manufacturers in a timely manner. From 2014, we will start production in China in addition to Thailand where our integrated production covers the entire process, from the manufacturing of casting materials to engine casting and assembly. We will keep striving to deliver KUBOTA quality all over the world.

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