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Agricultural-related Products

Kubota offers an extensive lineup of agriculture- and daily life-related products that take full advantage of the Company's mechanization expertise, gained from a long history of developing agricultural machinery (including tractors) and construction machinery. In the agriculture-related segment, Kubota's cooperative drying facilities are designed to be shared by farmers for drying, conditioning and storing rice and wheat after harvest; fully automatic vegetable transplanters gently handle and accurately transplant vegetable seedlings in the fields in completely automatic operation; mowing machines reduce the time and labor once required for mowing tasks. In the daily life-related segment, coin-operated rice mills produce clean white rice while retaining nutrients and flavor; electric carts are designed for use in the aging society, and require no license; automatic rice cookers offer commercial rice-cooking solutions. In this way, Kubota offers high value-added products stemming from its need-identification capabilities and mechanization technologies, derived from many years of experience in agriculture-related business.

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