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New Year's Thoughts (Summary) By Yasuo Masumoto, Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO
— Making this a “Year of rapid progress” towards further growth.
We must improve ourselves each day and take on the challenges! —

January 6, 2014

  • The following is a summary of New Year's thought by Yasuo Masumoto, Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO sent to directors and employees of the Kubota Group on January 6.

Making this a “Year of rapid progress” to finding solutions for “food,” “water,” and “the environment.”

In addition to the rice cultivation market we are already strong in, if we are to contribute to the solution of global food problems and also continue the expansion of the business over the medium and long term, then it will be essential that we also advance further into the market for dry-field farming, which occupies a large proportion of the cultivated land around the world. As a new step to make this possible, it has been decided that we will establish a manufacturing base for large dry-field tractors in France.
Furthermore, in the water and the environment sectors too, we are continuing to take on the challenges on a global scale. In addition to receiving an order for one of the largest sewage treatment facilities in North America, in Ohio State, USA, we are also starting the construction of palm oil mill effluent treatment facilities in Indonesia, which follows on from similar facilities in Malaysia.
We hope that 2014 will be an important “Year of rapid progress” in achieving our mission “Finding solutions to problems in the areas of “food,” “water,” and “the environment,” which are essential for human existence.”.

What is necessary for growth is that we boldly take on the challenges.
We must improve ourselves each day!

The business environment continues to change at an increasing pace each day. In a situation such as this, for us to make this a “Year of rapid progress” towards growth, all the employees of the Kubota Group must boldly take on new challenges. I would like you all to try something new each day, even if it is just a small thing, and to make an effort to improve yourselves from day to day. I would particularly like to ask the executives leading the business to have a good look at the workplaces and to give instructions to the members about what should be changed, in addition to taking the lead themselves and taking on the challenges of the issues.

The Group must unite together and take on the challenges as we head towards our great dream of finding solutions to the problems in the areas of “food,” “water,” and “the environment!”