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Towards Sustainable Society
  • Environment Charter

    The KUBOTA Group gives top priority to environmental conservation through CSR management.

  • Basic Direction of Corporate Environmental Management

    The KUBOTA Group has set the basic direction of corporate environmental management toward realizing a sustainable global society.

  • Medium-Term Environmental Conservation Plan

    The KUBOTA Group has created new medium-term targets for environmental conservation through FY2016.


    The KUBOTA Group made its "Eco-First Commitment" pledge to the Japanese Environment Minister, and was approved as an "Eco-First Company."

  • Stopping Climate Change

    The KUBOTA Group works on CO2 reduction to prevent global warming, mainly through our energy-saving activities.

  • Working towards a Recycling-based Society

    To address the formation of a Recycling-based Society, the KUBOTA Group works on waste reduction and recycling, and effective utilization of water resources.

  • Controlling Chemical Substances

    The KUBOTA Group works to address proper control and reduction goals for chemicals contained in production stages and products.

  • Conservation of Biodiversity

    In our business activities and our social contribution initiatives, we are endeavoring to ensure that care is taken to conserve biodiversity.

  • CSR Report / Environmental Report

    CSR Report and Environmental Report on our business sites show the status of environmental conservation activities.

  • Eco-Products

    The KUBOTA Group began running its own Eco-Products Certification System.

  • Green Procurement

    The KUBOTA Group shares its green procurement policy with suppliers.